Former Members Show at SOAG

January 30 - February 24, 2019
State of the Art Gallery continues to celebrate the 30th Anniversary with a show featuring former members who helped to establish the gallery in the Ithaca community.


Fantastic Beasts and Wondrous Worlds at Corners Gallery

March 6 - 31, 2018
This invitational exhibition was inspired by a desire to travel to a far away bizarre and colorful land...This show featured an eclectic mix of book arts, ceramics, paintings, and relief prints.




An artists' reception will be held February 2, 5-8pm at the Tompkins County Public Library.

Feb. 2- March 26, 2018
"Embodying the Familiar: Power, identity and representation in woman-centered art" is curated by Kendra Acquavella. She writes that the focus of the show is the way "women 'picture' themselves […]
I noticed a thread of magical realism in the work of most artists I selected, and works that challenged and expanded female roles/expectations."


something wicked this
way comes

at SOAG in the Salon

Reception: Friday June 9, 5-8pm
at State of the Art Gallery in the Salon

May 31-July 2, 2017
 This selection of charcoal drawings from the past three years revolves around stories of saints and mythological figures recombined the Tarot and modern imagery, resulting in unique interpretations of the current political climate. Recurring imagery fosters the sense that the stories are interconnected, inviting the viewer to further consider the world these beings inhabit.


Eye of the Beholder

at the Trumansburg Conservatory of Fine Art

Fortitude St Germaine_web.jpg

Oct. 22 - Nov. 6, 2016
Curated by S.K. List, “Eye of the Beholder: Four views of life in and around us” featured area artists Carol Bloomgarden, Harry McCue, Margaret Reed and Daphne Solà. Reviewed by Arthur Whitman in the Tompkins Weekly

Never Before Seen at SOAG

Reception: Friday, June 3, from 5-8pm.

June 1- 26, 2016
Gallery members will show art with an artist who has never shown at State of the Art before. Margaret will collaborate with her wife, Jessa Eris.

Hour of the Monkey.jpg

SOAG Members
fill the gallery

Reception: Friday May 6, 5-8pm
at State of the Art Gallery

May 4 - May 29, 2016
Gallery members will be showing paintings, prints, drawings, photographs, sculpture, collage, mixed media and more in both galleries


CAP group exhibit
in May

Reception: Friday May 6, 5-8pm at the Community Arts Center ArtSpace

May 4 - May 29, 2016
A juried exhibition of local and regional artists.

SOAG Members in the Salon

Reception: Friday April 1, 5-8pm at State of the Art Gallery

March 30 - May 1, 2016
Members of State of the Art Gallery are showing in the Salon this month.

"today i ate an orange
i cried because it was still sour
i reminded myself not to throw it away
and ate the rest of it"

Lyric Visions:

Artists Respond To Poetry

Reception: Friday Jan. 8, 5-8pm at State of the Art Gallery
Poetry Reading: Sunday Jan. 17, 2pm at State of the Art Gallery 


Jan 6 - 31, 2016
A two part show opening the State of the Art Gallery's 2016 season. Members have made art in response to sixteen regional poets selected by Tish Pearlman, poet laureate of Tompkins county 2013-14. I made a series of black and white drawings in response to Katharyn Howd Machan's poem "Wanting Silence." A poetry reading was held on January 17th. 

WSKG radio interview describing Lyric Visions with Tish Pearlman and Crystal Sarakas. 

SOAG Members' Show

Reception: Friday Nov. 6, 5-8pm at State of the Art Gallery

Nov. 4 - 29, 2015
Members of State of the Art got extra space to show their work this past November. I took advantage and showed one of my favorite large charcoal pieces from 2006. I had just moved to Ithaca and didn't have a studio space. I worked on this in my dining room - taped to the wall. It took up so much space and made a ridiculous mess, but it felt so good to start drawing again. 

Small Children_web.jpg


Reception: Friday Dec. 4, 5-8pm at the Public Library  

Oct. 1 - Dec. 30, 2015
The Tompkins County Public Library presents Streetscapes curated by Jay Potter. The show will feature Ithaca artists who have participated in street art, including 21 Boxes and Get Up State. I'll have two new pieces displayed in the show. 


Dreamtime: Surreal and Fantastic Art

at the Public Library

June 19 - Sept. 15, 2015
Tompkins County Public Library will present "Dreamtime: Surreal and Fantastic Art." Curated by State of the Art Gallery working artists Frances Fawcett and Margaret Nelson, "Dreamtime" is a multi-media exhibit featuring the work of 23 local and regional artists. All of the original sculpture, photography and traditional and digitally-created multi-media pieces included in the exhibit have a surreal or fantasy theme.